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The LG-105 Defender Series Lasergrips for S&W J-Frame revolvers feature a hard polymer surface that'
The LG-303 Lasergrips represent a significant upgrade to our offerings for the Ruger SP-101 revolver
The LG-305 LaserGrips provide a more substantial grip handle than our deep-concealment LG-405 model,
The LG-325 Lasergrips fit all small and large frame Charter Arms revolvers to date, and features the
The LG-401 LaserGrips are the flagship model in our line-up for the 1911 Government and Commander si
Crimson Trace Front Activation Green Lasergrips® for 1911 Full-Size The LG-401G green laser sight f
Much like the full-size M&P Series Lasergrips for S&W pistols, these are interchangeable between dif
The LG-111 Defender Series Lasergrips for the Ruger SP-101 feature a hard polymer surface that's bot
The LG-405 LaserGrips are our latest edition for the prolific Smith & Wesson line of J-Frame Revolve
Specifically designed for the unique contours of 4th Gen GLOCK Subcompact pistols (26/27), the rear
The M&P Series Lasergrips for S&W pistols are interchangeable between different calibers of the M&P
The LG-105 Defender Series Lasergrips for S&W J-Frame revolvers feature a hard polymer surface that'
The LG-442 for the venerable Bersa Thunder and Firestorm .380 series is designed to maximize your se
The LG-487 is another engineering marvel for Crimson Trace - providing our industry-leading instinct
The LG-402M Lasergrips were specially designed for the military to stand up to all environmental con
White light equipment for AR-15 and other picatinny rail-equipped rifles has for years involved clam
The LG-185 Defender Series Lasergrips for Taurus small-frame revolvers featurea a hard polymer surfa
The LG-306 LaserGrips feature a comfortable, rubber grip surface and a slimmed down profile making t
The LG-308 Hoghunter LaserGrips are designed especially to fit Smith & Wesson K and L Frame revolver
The LG-403 replaces the single-sided activation model, LG-203, with an instinctive activation front
The LG-389 LaserGrips bring a laser sight with instinctive activation to the reliable line of Ruger
Machined to fit seamlessly while bringing both artistry and rugged engineering to John Browning's cl
The Taurus Judge packs a wallop, so you want to make each shot count. These Lasergrips follow the l
The LG-429 Lasergrips for SIG P228/P229 offer the latest for self-defense shooters who want the head
Featuring Crimson Trace's rubber overmold construction around a sturdy polymer grip frame, these Las
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