F325 Deluxe Field White Line Pad - Brown, Small

Brand: Pachmayr
Mfg #: 11
Model: F325 Deluxe White-Line Pad S Brn
Call For Special Low Pricing
A very popular and versatile pad. Designed to be a good choice for either rifles or shotguns. Excellent recoil absorption qualities of the "Double-X" trademarked core pattern make this a good choice for recoil sensitive people who prefer a side cored pad.


- Base color: White-Line
- Colors: Brown
- Face texture: Full Stipple
- Full length of the pad - 5.15 in
- Width at the widest point - 1.80 in
- Interior insertion at its widest point - no insert
- Depth of the pad (amount of cushion) - 1.0 in.
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