SC100 Decelerator Sporting Clays Recoil Pad - Black, Large, 1" Thick

Brand: Pachmayr
Mfg #: 3233
Model: SC100 Sporting Clay Pad Blk L 1"
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A proven, patented design makes this the fastest mounting pad available. Made with a unique hard rubber heel and the famous Decelerator Material, the SC100 is the ideal choice for sporting clays shooting. The SC100 is also a superior pad for upland game or target shooting.


- Patented design allows fastest mount of a shotgun
- Old English style for classic good looks
- Leather face, black base
- Bottom core design
- Decelerator material for recoil absorption


- Full length of the pad: 5.75 in
- Width at the widest point: 1.92 in
- Interior insertion at its widest point: 1.575 in
- Hole: 3.12"
- Depth of the pad (amount of cushion): 1.0 in
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