Pre-fit Decelerator Recoil Pad - Remington 870 Express Wood (Plain Leather Face)

Brand: Pachmayr
Mfg #: 1705
Model: Pre-Fit Rem 870Exp Wood
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No gunsmithing required! Pachmayr's Decelerator recoil pads provide the ultimate in recoil control and appearance and nowy you can install them on all your long guns. Designed to fit within .050 inch tolerance on factory stocks, these pads will ehnhance the look and feel of the gun, improve your shooting experience, and maybe help you bag more game.


- Easy "Do-It-Yourself" installation
- Replaces hard factory pads
- Patented Decelerator design
- Plain Leather Face

#01705 Remington 870 Express Wood Stock
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