Reprint Set of Original 1942 Manuals

Mfg #: 240
Model: Reprint Set of Original 1942 Manuals
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No Woodman’s Pal® should be without the original 1942 manual reprints. They accompanied each Woodman’s Pal® during the 1940’s in combat. Each manual provides valuable information on a variety of topics as they relate to the Woodman’s Pal® and contain the wording and artwork from the original manuals printed in 1942.

The set includes:

- Care, Use & Sharpening
- Living in the Jungle
- Survival Tool Kit Airman’s
- Fighting with USA Knife LC-14-B. 2 3/4" x 4 1/4" each
- A great add-on gift to give to your Woodman’s Pal® recipients
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