9mm by CCI - 9mm, 115 Grain, Gold Dot Hollow Point, (Per 20)

Mfg #: 23614
Model: Speer GDHP 9mm 115grain/20
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Speer Centerfire Gold Dot ammunition is manufactured to be the best-period! One key to superior performance is the stringent manufacturing process whish Speer has developed. It all starts with an alloyed lead cor being formed to a basic shape. From there the core goes through a unique electrochemical process which bonds jacket to core one molecule at a time. Speer's Uni-Cor process provides for uniform jacket wall thickness and virtually eliminates jacket slippage or separation.

Next, the bullet moves to a patented, multiple "star stab" swaging operation which not only creates the unique Gold Dot hollow point cavity but, at the same time forms an extremely uniform heel radius. The uniform heel radius ensures accuracy throughout bullet flight from start to finish. The finished product is a highly engineered bullet that delivers superior performance in accuracy, expansion and penetration regardless of caliber since each one is customized.

Caliber & Bullet Description: 9MM Luger Gold Dot
Bullet Wt. (grs.): 115
No. Per Box: 20

Velocity F.P.S.:
Muzzle: 1200
50 Yds: 1047
100 Yds: 971

Energy Ft-lb's:
Muzzle: 341
50 Yds: 280
100 Yds: 241

Mid-Range Traj:
50 Yds: 0.9"
100 Yds: 3.9"

Barrel Length: 4"

Usage: Plinking, Small Game, Target, Varmint

Test barrels are used to determine ballistic figures. Individual firearms may vary.
These figures are approximate and are shown for reference.
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