223 Remington - 223 Remington Classic 50gr Power Shok Soft Point (Per 20)

Mfg #: 223A
Model: 223 Rem 55gr SP Power-Shock /20
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Load number: 223A
Caliber: 223 Rem. (5.56x45mm)
Bullet Weight: 55 Grains, 3.56 Grams
Primer number: 205
Classic Centerfire, Power Shok, Soft Point
Usage: Varmints, Predators, Small Game

Federal Power Shok bullets hit hard and expand reliably for effective game-getting performance. The tapered jacket is designed to provide good initial penetration plus controlled expansion. Rigid manufacturing controls ensure consistency; generations of hunters swear by their reliability.

Soft Point: It's a proven performer on small game and thin-skinned medium game. It has an aerodynamic tip for a flat trajectory. The exposed soft point expands rapidly for hard hits, even as velocity slows at longer ranges.
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