35 Remington , 200 Grain, Power Shok SP,(Per 20)

Mfg #: 35A
Model: 35 Rem 200gr SP Power-Shock /20
Call For Special Low Pricing
Load number: 35A
Caliber: 35 Rem.
Bullet Weight: 200 Grains, 12.96 Grams
Primer number: 210
Classic Centerfire, Power Shok Soft Point Round Nose
Usage: Medium Game

Federal Power Shok bullets hit hard and expand reliably for effective game-getting performance. The tapered jacket is designed to provide good initial penetration plus controlled expansion. Rigid manufacturing controls ensure consistency; generations of hunters swear by their reliability.

Soft Point Round Nose: For generations, hunters have made this bullet the choice for deer and bear in heavy cover. Its large exposed tip, good weight retention and specially tapered jacket provide controlled expansion for deep penetration.
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