12 Gauge Shotshells - Classic Buckshot 3" Mag dram 41 Pellets 4 Buck (Per 5)

Mfg #: F1314B
Model: Classic Buckshot 12ga 3" 4Buck
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It's the choice for Southern and Southeastern hunters. Federal offers a Triple Plus wad system that gives you better shot alignment, with a granulated plastic buffer to keep shot pellets from deforming. You get tighter downrange patterns and better stopping power with Classic Buckshot.

Load number: F1314B Classic Buckshot
Gauge: 12
Shell Length: 3 inches; 76mm
Dram Equiv.: Magnum
Muzzle Velocity: 1210
Shot Size: 41 Pellets (4 Buck)

Quantity: 5 per Box
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