625 Diamond Grade Choke Tube - 28 gauge, Skeet, Extended

Brand: Browning
Mfg #: 1136193
Model: 625 Diamond Grade 28ga Skeet
Call For Special Low Pricing
Made in USA
Diamond Grade Choke Tube

Browning Diamond Grade Choke Tubes have longer choke taper inside Invector-Plus choke tubes for use with back-bored barrels. They have 17-4 stainless steel construction with diamond-cut knurling that extends beyond the end of the barrel for easy removal and installation.


- Titanium nitride finish with black accent band
- Produce tighter patterns than Browning Invector-Plus choke tubes
- Matching tubes for the Citori 625
- Perfect concentricity for superior patterning


- Gauge: 28
- Constriction (inches): .005"
- Type: Skeet
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