625 Diamond Grade Choke Tube - .410ga Light Modified

Brand: Browning
Mfg #: 1137133
Model: 625 Diamond Grade 410 LtMod
Call For Special Low Pricing
Made in USA
Diamond Grade Choke Tube

Browning Diamond Grade Choke Tubes have longer choke taper inside for use with back-bored barrels. They have 17-4 stainless steel construction with diamond-cut knurling that extends beyond the end of the barrel for easy removal and installation.


- Titanium nitride finish with black accent band
- Produce tighter patterns than Browning Invector-Plus choke tubes
- Matching tubes for the Citori 625
- Perfect concentricity for superior patterning


- Gauge: .410
- Constriction (inches): .015"
- Type: Light Modified
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