WBY PA459 SPT UT PMP 12/19 3"

Brand: Weatherby
Mfg #: PA4591219PGM
Model: PA459 SPT UT PMP 12/19 3"
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PA-459 TR

• 12 gauge 3 " • 18.5 " barrel• Pump-action• Synthetic buttstock w/rubber textured grip areas• Cylinder choke barrel w/removable choke tube• Mil-spec Picatinny accessory rail• Fiber optic blade front sightCOMMACOMMACOMMA rail mounted adjustable rear LPA ghost ring sight• Extended slide release• Matte black metalwork• Chrome-lined barrel• Heat shield• Muzzle brake• 5+1 capacity (2-3/4'')COMMACOMMACOMMA 4+1 capacity (3'')• Wt.: 7 lbs.


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